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Let's not keep Radon a secret. Please talk to everyone you know -- including family, friends, and neighbours. Everyone needs to know the dangers of Radon and word-of-mouth is the best way to increase Radon awareness. It's worth repeating. If we each tell everyone we know and they tell everyone they know, we can save thousands of lives every year in Canada.

Be Proud and Loud

Prince George does have elevated levels of Radon in many areas. The solution is simple and relatively inexpensive.If you've had your home tested and the results were low, tell everyone you meet and ask them what their Radon levels are. If they don't know, ask them why not. If you did have high Radon levels in your home and had it fixed, that is great for you. If you found a Radon testing and mitigation company and are happy with the results, pass that along to as many people as possible. They will be more likely to have the problem fixed if you've already taken the time to find someone that they can trust a well.

Please help make our message heard.

Protecting Your Family Is Easy

Learn the Facts, Test Your Home. If a Problem is Found . . . Fix It.

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