Hardy Nickel, C-NRPP Certified
Hardy Nickel, C-NRPP

All About Central Interior Radon Testing

Concerns about the health effects of Radon has lead us to provide both short and long term testing and complete mitigation services for the residents of Northern British Columbia. We provide Radon testing and mitigation for commercial and residential properties, both new and existing. Central Interior Radon Testing has operated in the Prince George area for several years. The company is owned and operated by Hardy Nickel.

We have completed certifications required by EPA, by the C-NRPP in Canada, and are members of:

  • Canadian Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists
  • The Association for Technology Professionals in British Columbia
  • Canadian N-RPP
  • Our Quality Control Program requires our equipment be calibrated yearly and certified every two years by an independent laboratory as per EPA protocols and procedures.

You can be assured that our results are accurate.

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